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Drew Gabbert, Texas-based veteran musician, has set the table and is serving up an authentic Dylan experience with a repertoire that spans six decades of material.

Gabbert offers up a mysterious ability to embody the many voices of Dylan with accuracy and reverence - as if singing through a hall of mirrors. Close your eyes and you'll be thoughtfully carried through the young man in old man's clothes, drifting past the country croon, and held firmly by the elder statesman. These eras with their ancient muses are captured by Gabbert fluently.

It must be said, by deliberately eschewing present day technology and electronics, the musical presentation remains intact and precise. Visually, the performance is striking - musically, the performance is unmatched.


"Chrome Horse Tribute is a must-see for all Dylan heads. Royal Albert Hall, Rolling Thunder Revue, Budokan - whichever era of Dylan is your favorite, you'll find it among the Tribute's sprawling set list. Until the invention of the time machine, this is your chance to see vintage Dylan." @Sharkeybarcus -Lakewood, OH

Map & Directions

Map & Directions

Feinstein's at Hotel Carmichael, 1 Carmichael Square,, Hamilton County, Indiana, United States, 46032